In April 2016 the Australian Farmers’ Markets Association (AFMA)  auspiced a national awareness campaign that  featured BOOTS – any kind – gumboots, work boots, riding boots, tap boots, cowboy boots, fashion boots – as the metaphor and iconic image to connect farmers, their families, farmers’ markets and rural and urban communities.

AFMA invited  all Australian farmers’ markets to host supportive market-based events during BOOTS FOR CHANGE month in April 2016.

The successful campaign  promoted the farmers’ market sector and  supported grassroots family farming and rural youth.  It activated the innovative idea developed by the group of young rural women at the 2015 ABC Heywire Innovation Summit.

Fifty-six farmers’ markets in all states participated in the inaugural BOOTS FOR CHANGE Campaign, running 96 BOOTS FOR CHANGE Market Days.  Over 180,000 shoppers pulled on boots in support of our farmers and over 3000 farmers and stallholders pulled on theirs too.  Market managers ran all manner of fun boot activities – from boot tossing and painting to boot planting, and boot biscuit and cake baking.

The success of this campaign was its all-embracing simplicity – just pull on  pair of boots and head on down to a farmers’ market in solidarity with our family farmers and artisan food producers.

Wear boots anytime you head off to buy farm fresh food at your local farmers’ market!